Community Reactions Summation

Obviously in the past 24+ hours, the LOTRO community has exploded into a frenzy. Here, I’m going to summarize the ideas and reactions that the community has been experiencing the last 24 hours or so.

More or less, the community has been divided into two camps: Those for the F2P model and those against it. Just like political parties there are moderates and extremists and lots of arguing back and forth either way. Here’s the two views:

  • Pro F2P:
  1. Current subscribers have it good because of the immediate VIP status and the perks we receive because of it
  2. F2P = more money for Turbine which = more content for us!
  • Anti F2P:
  1. F2P de-values the money that current subscribers have put into the game
  2. Paying for items in the LOTRO Store will de-value earned items in-game

These are just some of the ideas of course, but these are the ones I have seen cited most frequently.

Regardless of where people stand on the F2P issue, all or most members seem to be concerned about two things: the new players that will be attracted to the game and the lack of content until the ‘Fall’.

LOTRO is famous for its high level of mature players and its generally friendly community, especially compared to other games like World of Warcraft. One worry that many people have is that by going F2P, an influx of more immature players will arrive at the game and destroy our proud community. This is not an unfounded claim as many free MMOs are known for having a younger and sometimes immature community. However, there are already efforts by our current community to encourage new players to adopt the accepting, mature mind-set that the current LOTRO players seem to have.

One is this plea from Mordor or Bust: PLEASE Stop the Elitism! It basically encourages our community to not act rudely towards new players, kind of like the Golden Rule: Act to others as you would be treated.

There is also the LOTRO New Player Relations (LNPR) Project: This is a draft of suggestions for people on how to treat and help new players in the game in order to garner their interest in the game and teach new players that being mature and helpful is how we do things in LOTRO.

The other issue concerning current players is the lack of content until ‘Fall’. This is problematic for a few reasons.

  1. Our last expansion, Siege of Mirkwood, was deemed ‘small’ by many and kept some entertained for mere hours before they claimed they had ‘done everything’ in the expansion. I personally know someone who hit level 65 only eight hours after it launched and I’m sure others did it sooner.
  2. Our latest content update, V3B1, was also quite small by some as it included only one Epic Book and the revamp of  Volume One into soloable content.
  3. If you count V3B1 as our latest content update (which went live on March 1), that means that if ‘Fall’ means September, that is 7 months since the last content update. Usually for Turbine though, Fall means November or December, so that is nine or 10 months without content, Summer Fest not included. That would be the longest we have ever gone without an update

So there you have it. A quick summation of the arguments that have arisen in the past 24 hours.

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2 Responses to “Community Reactions Summation”

  1. Very nice summary of the issues involved. Thank you!

  2. Bouvin says:

    One other concern of the Anti F2P crowd:

    With the influx of new players that will follow the move to F2P combined with the micro-transaction business model, it is understandable that after the change-over Turbine will focus most of its effort towards creating new content for the low-to-mid level areas.

    This combined with the announcement that we will not see any new content until the release of F2P means it may be a very, very long time until we see a reasonable amount of new high-level content.

    This is really bothering many of the veteran players, as the last expansion was very small (and unimpressive to many) and the V3B1 was just flat out pathetic. Essentially, by the time F2P hits, there will have been very little high level content released for almost a year. Then on top of that, it is possible that we will not see very much new high level content for a very long time as Turbine is scrambling to release new micro-transaction content for the influx of new players.

    In conclusion, the continued lack of new high-level content is going to kill this game for the veterans and we may see many long-term subscribers leaving for other games just so they have new content to enjoy.

    *Note: The argument could be made that veterans could roll a new toon and enjoy the new low-mid level content being released. However, for people who have 3+ capped toons, rolling a new alt to play areas that you have already played through several times might sound very unappealing.

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