Important Tid-Bits from the Announcement

I will be updating this post with links to resources and definitive, Turbine answers. Not speculation.

Tidbits from the original, official announcement:

  • Nothing will be taken away from current subscribers
  • All current subscribers get 500 Turbine points a month, regardless of subscription type (multi-month or per-month or lifetime)
  • Lifetimers get a one-time-use 1,000 Turbine Points bonus
  • Founders get a one-time-use 500 Turbine Points bonus
  • All current subscribers will become VIP members
  • Free-to-Play will go live in the Fall with the release of V3 B2
  • V3 B2 includes a new zone: Enedwaith
  • It also includes DX11 support

Official Discussion Forums

Answers to Various Questions

VIP/Premium/Free Player Access Comparison Chart

Post by Kate “Nereid” Paiz, the new Executive Producer of Turbine

DDO Store with Turbine Points Prices

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