Horse Buyer’s Guide (Updated for F2P)

Buying your first horse can be complicated. When can I get horse? Where do I get a horse? How much is it?


Depending on what type of player you are changes how you can get your horse.

Also note, there is a difference between The Riding Skill and a horse. In order to use a horse you must have the Riding Skill.

Eogar has these friendly words to say about horse and riding skill purchases:

Free Players/Premium Players

Free and premium players are not able to obtain the riding skill through the usual quest line. You must purchase it from the LOTRO Store.

As a Free or Premium player, you can…

  • Buy various limited-time horse whistles from the LOTRO Store and recieve a fast mount for various amounts of real-life time (24hours, 7 days, etc)
  • Buy the riding skill from the LOTRO Store for [PRICE TBD]
  • Buy a regular horse from Hengstacer Farm (Only usable after purchasing the riding skill)
  • Buy a regular horse from the LOTRO store (Only usable after purchasing the riding skill)
  • Use slow-travel stable routes
  • Use any swift-travel stable routes between the starter areas (Bree, Celondim, Thorin’s Gate)

As a Free or Premium player you cannot…

  • Buy the slow horse, “Bree Starter Steed”, available at Hengstacer Farm
  • Earn the Basic Riding Skill at level 20 as subscribers do
  • Use any swift-travel unless purchased in the LOTRO store

VIP Players


Hengstacer Farm, the premiere horse farm in Eriador, is located just north of Bree-town, as you can see on the map below:


There are three types of horses in Middle-earth thus far and have different requirements for each. In the following sections I will cover them.

The first two kinds of horses, Starter Steeds and Basic Steeds, can be bought at Hengstacer farm from Eogar:

Starter Steed

  • Level 8
  • 200 silver

Starter steeds are rated as ‘very slow’ and only have 80 hit points.

Basic Steed

  • Level 20
  • Finish horse quest
  • 500 silver

At level 20 you can go to Hengstacer Farm and get a quest to race around the perimeter of the farm.

After completing your race you can purchase your basic steed. Basic steeds have a ‘fast’ rating and have 100 hit points.

Reputation Steed

  • Kindred reputation with faction OR PvMP Rank OR Quest/Deed Completion*
  • 5 gold, 64 silver

* If a horse is acquired through Quest/Deed Completion, it will automatically appear in your mount tab.

Reputation steeds are purchasable at various location in Middle-earth. Men of Bree, Wardens of Annuminas , Council of the North, Lossoth of Forochel, the Galadhrim, and the Malledhrim all have reputation horses. Once you hit Rank 9 in the Ettenmoors there is also a Mahogany Steed available. The horses/goats available from quest and deed completions are the Grey Steed (Finish all of Volume 1), the Dunedain War Steed, the Nimble Black Goat, the Wild Mountain Goat, and the Galadhrim War Steed.

You can also purchase the Grey Steed from Eogar because prior to mounts becoming skills, they were items that were usable in your packs. Some people had sold their horses to save room and so for those people who did, they put the Grey Steed in the vendor. However this doesn’t mean you have to buy it if you complete Volume 1 and it also doesn’t mean you can buy it and use it without having completed Volume 1.

Reputation horses have 150 hit points and are rated as ‘fast’.

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  1. RannaDylin says:

    This is a handy dandy guide! Seems like “Where do I go to get a horse?” is one of those oft-asked questions in the Bree advice channel, so I might have to just bookmark this for use in answering. :-)

    Oh, and have you seen ? It has pictures of all the horses, and is solely responsible for my recent urge to grind out reputation with the Wardens of Annuminas and Council of the North…such pretty rep horses!

  2. Cithryth says:

    Oh yes, I love the Nenharma Farms site, it is so pretty.

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