A Visual Guide to Syncing .ABC Files

Tired of serenading alone? Want to try out a cool multi-part song? Here’s how you do it!

The first, and probably most frustrating part, of syncing up a play session with someone is making sure you both have the appropriate parts to the songs. If you noticed while looking on the Fat Lute, you may have noticed a ‘Pts’ column. This indicates how many parts are in each song.

Pick a song you like, and make sure it has the number of parts you want. I am just going to be playing a duo in this example. So I found the song I liked (“Still Alive” by Jonathan Coulton) that had two parts. The easiest way to make sure your band mates have the same version is to just provide them the link to the song you want to play, like I just did above. You’ll see above all the text boxes a link that says ‘Add all parts to cart’.

If this method is not viable for your group, one person can download all parts and e-mail the corresponding parts to band mates as an attatchment (.ABC files are pretty small, so don’t worry too much about size requirements).

Once you get through all that the rest is pretty easy.

Frequently, each part of a song corresponds to a different instrument. Sometimes it’s all the same instrument, and sometimes it doesn’t matter either way. Assign each of the band mates a part. In this instance, Navthalion took the ‘Bass’ part and played it on a lute and I took the ‘Lute/Flute’ part and played it on a flute.

Always keep in mind instrument knowledge restrictions when assigning parts. Minstrels are able to use all instruments, whereas other classes are usually restricted to the lute and one other instrument, unless mentored by a minstrel.

Make sure everyone is in a fellowship or raid together!

When it gets to the actual playing, it’s pretty much the same as when you play solo, except you add a space and the word ‘sync’ to the end before you hit enter, like so:

Each person in the group must do this, that is, typing the name of the file they are going to be playing (Note that the file name will probably be different for each different part).

As each person hits enter messages like this will appear in your chat box:

Once everyone is ready, the band leader (or whoever, doesn’t matter), types the following and hits enter:

And then the music starts!

Playing as a group really is worth the effort in the end.

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