What We Wish Other Classes Knew

For every* class, the Lorebook has a guide written by the community for what they wish others knew about their class. Here are those guides, all in one place.







Lore Masters


*Every class but Rune-Keepers, unfortunately…

But don’t worry, I plan on making posts later that go into more details about each class.

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2 Responses to “What We Wish Other Classes Knew”

  1. Kodalor of Gladden RK says:

    So when do you think you will get a post on the Rk?
    I really like all the others i have learned a lot from you post here. You did an excellent job. Can’t wait to read about the RK.

    Kodalor Officer of The Knights of Dol Amroth – Gladden

  2. Cithryth says:

    Hmm, RK’s…

    The whole ‘Week of the Classes’ thing kind of fell through because I became so busy with school immediately after posting that idea.
    However, I think I’ll post a RK guides thread along with some of my own RK observations.

    Thanks for reminding me and look for it soon!

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