A Beginner’s Visual Guide to Using .ABC Files and the Music System

Many people want to play beautiful music in-game on many of the lovely instruments the developers have provided. However playing by hand is frustrating at best. So how do you go about playing actual songs?

The music system in LOTRO uses a type of file called .abc files. In this guide we are just going to focus on using the .abc files. In a later guide I will cover syncing up parts with different players and then in an even later guide I will cover actually writing .abc files.

So let’s get started!

The best place, pictured above, to get your .abc files is The Fat Lute. They have an incredibly wide variety of songs to choose from. In order to download anything you will need to register. It doesn’t take long. After registering, make sure you check the e-mail address you provided to authenticate your registration.

Also you will want to go into your Lord of the Rings Online folder (in your My Documents folder) and create a new folder called Music.

Once you have all that set up you are ready to get going!

Hopefully you have a song in mind you really want to look up, or an artist. Here, I looked up the song “Into the West” which was featured in the Lord of the Rings: Return of the King movie.

To put a song in your download cart, click the little shopping cart on the left with the green plus.

As you can see, I have clicked this and the cart at the bottom with the red plus is the song I have already put in my cart.

Once you are ready click where it says ‘Download Cart’ just underneath the songs you put in the cart.

This page will then appear:

If you accidently added something you don’t want, you can just check the box next to it and hit the delete button. When you are sure you have all the songs you want, hit the Download Cart button.

This window will pop up. You will want to save it to your newly created Music folder under My Documents –> Lord of the Rings Online –> Music.

Now go into your music folder and right click on the file named ABCfiles.zip. Find the option that says ‘Extract here’ and click on it. Now your .abc files should be in the Music file. If you want (and you probably should) you can then delete the Abcfiles.zip file.

Take note of the name of the file you want to play, in my case “IntotheWest-LuteSolo”. If you want you can copy the name of the file to your clip board with ctrl+c.

Now log into the game, if you have already. Equip your instrument. Type “/music”. This will put you in ‘music mode’ and you will get a little progress bar to pop up. Now go into your chat box and type “/play” and put a space, then the name of your file (you may have copied it) like so:

Hit enter and then you should get a message in your chat box similar to the ones in the picture above. And you will start playing!

Hopefully this guide has helped. Look forward to the Advanced and Expert Guides, coming soon!

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  1. Mines_of_Moria says:

    Another tip: Type /playlist in-game for a list of the songs you have in your folder.

  2. Cithryth says:

    Thanks for the tip! I didn’t know that.

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  4. Zenadhor from Gladden says:

    Awesome guide!!! Thanks a bunch!!! =D

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