RusselDog’s Visual Guide to Entering Lotteries

RusselDog on the LOTRO Forums has created a simple, visual guide to entering the my.lotro lotteries.

Also known as “You can’t do what?!?!?!”

Step 1. Go to If you can’t manage this, give up now, there is no hope.

Step 2. Login. The login screen looks like this;

You’ll want to put your login name in the 1st field, your password in the 2nd field and then click the button that says login, conveniently marked with a 3.

Step 3. Access your profile page. Click on your login name, circled here;

No other steps for this one, just the one click.

Step 4. This is your player profile page.

From here, click the big gold button circled in red for ease of reference and also labelled with a 1.

((LOTRO Weekly’s Note:

While it is easy to check the box that says ‘Select All’ after hitting the gold button, go through the list and make sure no character with a ~ in front of their names or any of your monster players are listed. Monster players will not be able to recieve winnings and a character with ~ in front of their name (for example, ~Cithryth instead of Cithryth) is a session play character (like a chicken) and not your actual character.))

Your Current Entires are in the box marked 2 and your Winning Entries are in the box marked 3 (please note that any entires in the Winning Entires box are usually erroneous; they are actually meant to go to me, but have been assigned to you by accident).

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