How To Get Summerfest Tokens Quickly

I know the point of the festivals is a nice, relaxing break from defending Middle-earth, however some people (myself included) really just want to get the cool stuff as quickly as they can! With the Spring Festival it was easy to do Shrew Stomp to get lots of tokens quickly but the Summer Festival is different.

With the Summer Festival starting next week, I figured I’d get everyone ready!

What you’ll need before starting:

  • Fishing Rod and the Fishing Hobby — If you don’t already have the fishing hobby, go to your nearest Hobby Master (there’s one near the LM and RK trainers in Bree town) and do his quest. He will give you a basic fishing rod. That is all you need. You don’t need to have a fancier fishing rod or a higher fishing skill level, at least that’s what I’ve gleaned from trying it on two characters: One who just started the hobby and one who was at max level fishing with the best rod you can get. Makes no difference.
  • Travel rations/money for stables — There will be a lot of traveling between Hobbiton, Bree (South Gate), Celondim, and Thorin’s Hall.

Ready to Go!

Ok, so you have all your equipment ready and you are rearing to get some tokens! Here is a step-by-step walk through of the fishing quest that will net you the most tokens for your time. The very last bit of the quest chain is repeatable daily, however after just the one run-through of the Start-up chain and the final chain plus the horse race for the horse race token, I had enough (12 Summerfest Tokens + Summer Horse Race Token) to get the Pale Golden Summer Steed. Of course if you want more than just the horse, more tokens are required.

  • Start: Bywater Pond – This quest will have you running around looking for the bast places for Amberjack, Luillim, and Drum fishes. You need to go to the locations and fish til you catch one.
  1. Amberjack — Thorin’s Hall: near the Thorin’s Hall rep place is a large indoor river. You can stand along the sides and fish from there.
  2. Luillim — Celondim: just head straight to the docks in Celondim and fish straight from there.
  3. Drum — South Bree Gate: If you head out of the Gate and to the South a bit you’ll see a pond. This is the specific pond you need to fish at for the Drum.
  • Next: Choose a Pond — At this stage you can go to any of the fishing locations you went to to fish. You will then have 20 minutes to catch as many fish as you can.
  • Finally: Bywater And Beyond — After fishing at Celondim, Thorin’s Hall and South Bree Gate you will be able to fish at Bywater pond again. Same as the other places, you will be able to fish for 20 minutes and catch as much as you can. This will be the last quest in this line you will be able to do before the great Quest Reset time (around 3 AM EST, although that is an estimate, sometimes it seems different). Every day after this you will be able to fish at all four of the fishing spots for 20 minutes each. For the best return on your fish, trade them in at the local fish quest giver for tokens.
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