Hunter Camp Fire Locations

Originally posted by Dom12 here on the Hunter forums. A wonderful, up-to-date guide on all available campsites that hunters can attach to.


At the entrance to the Great Barrow instance 33.7s 55.5w
On the eastern edge of the Southern Bree-fields 28.1s 54.3w


At the entrance to Garth Agarwen instance 28.0s 25.2w

North Downs

South-western Rhunenlad (just north of Dol Dínen) 12.5s 38.5w
At the entrance to the Fornost instance 6.1s 55.3w


Echad Garthadir, Ranger camp in the middle of Annúminas 19.1s 71.0w


Calenthon’s camp just above the “T” in Nan Tornaeth 28.2s 15.3w

Misty Mountains

Near Helegrod, SW of the Bitter Stair 19.1s 2.9w


Gorothlad Camp just south of Nan Gurth and SE of Barad Gúlaran 4.1n 21.7w
Entrance to Urugarth instance 10.0n, 32.6w
Entrance to Carn Dûm instance 11.4n 33.7w
Tármunn Súrsa in Carn Dûm (non-instance) 12.2n 32.0w
At the Ranger camp in The Rift of Nûrz Ghâshu 10.7n 15.6w


At Echad Mirobel 52.3s 17.1w


Forgotten Treasury .. Silvertine Lodes 11.1s 112.7w
Grand Stair ……… Redhorn Lodes 10.3s 103.9w
16th Hall ……….. Nud-Melek 11.0s 101.1w
Vile Maw ………… The Water-works 17.6s 116.9w
The Forges ………. Flaming Deeps 16.4s 109.6w
Skumfil …………. Foundations of Stone (close to the Shadowed Refuge) 13.4s 100.4w
Dark Delvings ……. Foundations of Stone (at the bottom end of the map on the other side of the lake)15.4s 97.4w


Echad Mothelen in The Dourstocks (Between the Mirk-eaves and Gathbúrz) 13.6s 58.1w
Gathbúrz (north-central Mirkwood) 12.6s 46.5w
Dol Guldur (east Mirkwood, campsite just south-west of Dol Guldur proper) 16.2s 44.5w

How To
It works the similar to the Milestones you use to set your Map Home site. Just right click on the camp site fire to bind to it. Primary difference is that you can bring your fellowship with. Also, this skill costs a little more (currently three travelling rations). Once you have a camp site bound, just activate your Return to Camp skill to get back there.

Camp Sites vs. Campfires
There are many campfires around which cooks can use for making food, but only the fires at camp sites work for our Return to Camp skill.

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