Everything About Cosmetics: A Tutorial

I get asked questions in-game all the time about how to set up cosmetic outfits. This tutorial is all about mastering the art of in-game cosmetics.

It covers:

  • Dyeing objects
  • Dealing with the cosmetic panels
  • How to navigate the dressing room

First off, some basics about outfits:

  • Cosmetic slots become available once your highest level character hits level 20. After that, all characters you make will be able to use their cosmetic slots at level 1.
  • You do not need to keep the items you slot cosmetically in your inventory with you. Many people store their outfits in their bank vaults or house vaults and some people even sell them or trade them after equipping them cosmetically.
  • The difference between ‘armour’ and ‘cosmetic items’
    • ‘Armour’ refers to clothing that has an armour value and stats attached to it.
      • Can be equipped cosmetically
      • Must be within your class’s armour range (Light armour classes are restricted to light armour, Medium armour classes can wear medium and light armour, etc)
      • Usually must be bound before you can use it cosmetically
    • ‘Cosmetic items’  usually have a white background and will say ‘Cosmetic’ in their tooltip
      • A majority of cosmetic items have no binding requirement on them, however some (like Skirmish cosmetic rewards) have a Bind on Equip or Bind on Acquire rule on them (Works the same way as armour does. It must be bound to you in order to use it cosmetically if this is the case)
  • Dyeing rules
    • If you dye something after you’ve already put it in the cosmetic slot, you will have to put it in the cosmetic slot again to see the dye change
    • Unless it is armour that you actually have equipped, you need to have the item you wish to dye in your inventory
  • Jewelry, weapons, and shields cannot be equipped cosmetically
  • Cosmetic outfits will be automatically turned off in the Ettnemoors
  • If you leave a spot blank in your cosmetic tab, it will show whatever armour piece you have equipped there.

Now, let’s look at your character panel, where you will begin to set up your cosmetic outfit:

As you probably know, this is your armour, jewelry and weapons that give you all your fighting benefits. On the right side of the panel, you will see three tabs. The first has a suit of armour on it because it is the tab that holds your actual armour. The other two are two separate slots you can put cosmetic items in.

As you can see here in my first cosmetic tab, I already have an outfit set up:

You’ll notice next to each possible slot to put an item is a little eye. Clicking the eye to open it will make the item it coresponds to show. If the eye is closed, he item will not show on your character. Like so:


Now let’s put a new cosmetic item in outfit 2. I have a Spring Hauberk in my pack that I want to put there. It’s as easy as opening the cosmetic 2 tab and dragging the item into the corresponding spot (as in, you put cosmetic footware into the shoe slot, cloaks in the back slot, etc etc):


Now to make this newly slotted outfit actually show up on your character, click the button at the bottom of the colored tab section:


Yay! Now you are wearing a new outfit!

Now on to…

The Dressing Room

To get to the dressing room hold down your Ctrl button and left click on a piece of armour or cosmetic item you would like to see whether it is in your inventory or the a vendor. You can even do this if someone links an item in chat or at the auction house.

Here are the basics of the dressing room:

(Note: My dressing room looks different from the default UI set up because I am using a custom skin, However you will find all the exact same elements in the default version is slightly different places.)


The best thing about the dressing room is being able to see how something looks dyed a different color, without actually having to commit to it.

Just click on the down pointing arrow and you will be able to choose a color from the drop down:


You can do this with anything you have on:


If you want it to go back to what you have on, hit the reset button at the bottom of the dressing room window:



So now you have a shiny new outfit. But maybe you don’t like the color. So you acquire some dye (Scholars make dye and the best place to get it is the auction house. The more expensive dyes are usually black and red)

If you hover your mouse over the dye pot you would see this:


To dye something, right click on the dye pot and then left click on the item you want to dye. You will then see something like this after a window pops up asking you if you are sure about your selection:


Since I already had slotted this item in my cosmetic tab, I will have to re-slot it for the dye change to take effect:


In your character journal, the dye change will appear.


Just click the Show Outfit 2 button again and voila:


Hopefully this guide has helped you understand the cosmetic system a bit more. If you have any questions, please leave a comment as it may help others.

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  1. peter says:

    Nice ! really simple and easy

  2. Emile Kupres says:

    Thanks for the post, I really learned a lot from it. Incredibly quality content on this blog. Always looking forward to new entry.

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  4. Nalrgon_lotro says:

    I have a question though…….

    If if dyes a set of armour black when it’s in my equipment slots, but then i have it in my outfit 1 and have it white, will I have the same armour but in two different colours, or will it just overwrite it, even though they are in different slots?

  5. Cithryth says:

    So long as you dyed the armour white, unequipped it and specifically placed it in the outfit 1 slots (not just leaving the slots int he outfit 1 empty and leaving the Eye clicked open), then yes you will have the same armour in two different colors.

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