Cooking Calculators, Price Guides, and More

As my kin’s official chef, I am always stocking our kin chest with foods of various levels and farming ingredients. As any cook will tell you, this is expensive work! So to make sure I have the funds for any amount of food I want to make I utilize a variety of sources. So here is a set of very useful cooking guides:

Cookbook and Price Guide


  • Color coordinated by tier
  • Shows the stats given by each food
  • Shows how much silver you will need to make each for a stack or individually


  • Personally, I’m not a fan of having to look through a spread sheet everytime I want to make something and I just am not a fan of the way it is laid out, however this is just me personally, I know other people love this guide
  • Doesn’t include Rep food

Cooking 101


  • Completely up to date
  • Gives the time that each stat lasts


  • Again, I really just don’t like spreadsheets or the way this is laid out. It is confusing to me, but I think maybe spreadsheets just aren’t my thing…

And my favorite:

Crafting Calculator (This actually works for all crafting professions, not just cooking)


  • A layout I actually really really like!
  • You can tell it how much of anything you want to make in a crafting session and it will tell you how much of each ingredient you need, whether you farm it or buy it and how much each will cost you
  • Give you a list you can print off with check boxes you can mark off as you go along


  • Prices are not always accurate
  • Not up to date
  • Creator has given up on this project and unfortunately will not be updating it any further, which is a shame
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4 Responses to “Cooking Calculators, Price Guides, and More”

  1. MoxxiiPoxxii says:

    Just so you know, the Cookbook and Price Guide, when I looked at it, seems to be all updated, including the now craftable flour. :)

  2. Cithryth says:

    Ah yes, I see. I had been looking in the cooked food category and didn’t see flour on the ingredient list on the side.

    I really just have a hard time navigating this spreadsheets :P

  3. MoxxiiPoxxii says:

    Easiest way I think, from what I saw when looking at it, is use the tabs or whatnot down at the bottom for the type of food (fortifying, cooked, etc)…that way you find the food you want and go to bottom for total cost as well. I dunno, made it a little easier as I was only looking at a specific food type.

    Anyhow, I did snag that one and link it to my kin website, as I dunno, with the other not being updated, and I really hated the second one (sorry to the author but really didn’t like the layout hehe)….so figured that first one was the lesser of the three evils, since I basically wanted cost breakdown….maybe they will add the special foods (umm like the Lothlorien Waybread which I didn’t see in the list, and you don’t have to be guild to make it :) )

    If you want, can also add a link to your blog on SW kin site…up to you, just let me know lol

  4. Cithryth says:

    Sure, put a link up. Always looking to help :)

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