An Outfit For Every Season

Recently I had the idea to create an outfit for every season. Sure, with every festival there are new season-themed outfits, but they are pre-fabricated and during the festivals you see everyone running around in them. So I thought it would be interesting to use other outfits and armours to create unique seasonal outfits. Hope you like them!


  • Gossamer Dress
  • Elf-lord’s Cloak
  • Shoulders of the High Captain
  • Winged Circlet


  • Ceremonial Breastplate of the West-tower
  • Ceremonial Leggings of the West-tower
  • Sturdy Westernesse Boots
  • Gauntlets of the North Drake
  • Nenuial’s Shoulder’s
  • Cloak of the Mallorn
  • Winged Circlet


  • Long-sleeved Lorien Tunic and Pants
  • Cloak of the Silver Birch
  • White Rose Circlet


  • Tawarwaith Robe of the Twilight
  • Tawarwaith Shoulder Pads of the Twilight
  • Fingerless Gloves
  • Traveller’s Hood
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5 Responses to “An Outfit For Every Season”

  1. RannaDylin says:

    Very nice! The spring one is my favorite; the breastplate and leggings are just perfect…

  2. Garrison says:

    The spring one is my favorite! However, I really like all of them. Sometimes I wish I had a bunch of in-game money to spend on outfits and dyes.

  3. Hymne says:

    Great outfits! Keep ‘m coming, they are very inspiring!

  4. Devonna says:

    Wow! Lovely outfits and such a creative idea. My favorite would have to be Spring but it’s a tough choice, they are all so pretty.

  5. Thendrar says:

    This was a very nice series of outfits. The harvestmath outfit was particularly well done in my opinion.

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