Weekly Lore #6 — On Bandobras (Bullroarer) Took

Bandobras Took, known as the Bullroarer, was a hobbit famous for his size and skill in combat. He was 4’5″ tall (or roughly 1.35 meters). Due to his height he was able to ride a horse, unlike most hobbits who could only manage ponies. During his life, he was the tallest hobbit in history, but would eventually be passed by two other hobbits during the War of the Ring.

Aside from his height, his fame came from his actions during the Battle of Greenfields (or Battle of the Green Fields). This battle took place in the year 1147 according so Shire Reckoning (Year 2747 of the Third Age), or 271 years before Frodo and Company left Hobbiton for Rivendell. A force of goblins from Mount Gram, led by their king Golfimbul, were raiding the Northfarthing. Bullroarer and a company of hobbits attacked the goblins, and during the battle Bullroarer knocked Golfimbul’s head off with a wooden club. The story continues that Golfimbul’s head “sailed a hundred yards through the air and went down a rabbit-hole,” thus simultaneously winning the battle and inventing Golf.

In LotRO:

While Bullroarer may be long dead by the time of the events of the Lord of the Rings, his great victory features in the Hobbit Epic Prologue. Both Golfimbul’s skull and Bullroarer’s club are involved, although the player never gets to wield the famed weapon.

Furthermore, there is a large wooden statue of Bullroarer in Brockenborings, depicting his victory over Golfimbul.

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