Weekly Outfit #14

This week’s Weekly Outfit is courtesy of Saelarien of Snowborne (EU). Here is her elven guardian, Noruivae!

The outfit is comprized of:

  • Gleaming elven winged helmet – dyed indigo
  • Hadoranc – dyed indigo
  • Elven steel breastplate of vigour – dyed indigo
  • Gleaming elven steel gauntlets – dyed indigo
  • Sturdy elven quiver – dyed umber
  • Elven steel leggings – dyed indigo
  • Ledrendir – dyed indigo

Here’s what Saelarien has to say about the outfit:

Many guardians I see don’t look like they could stand there getting attacked by many monsters at once and come out unharmed, most armour looks too flimsy. I wanted to find a look that along with being elven in style to represent my character’s heritage, showed that here was someone who was well protected enough to take all those hits and not have to worry about it. The indigo colouring was a choice based on corresponding well with her hair colour, and showing that she does have a girly side too…
And as for the quiver, well, if a guardian has a bow, where else is she producing her arrows from? ;)

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  1. Fronagon says:

    I like this idea! I agree with the fact most guards dress that way. (Mine does too…) But I haven’t found the right combination yet.

  2. Saelarien says:

    Oooh, nice to see my outfit got in :D

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