LOTRO Crafting Calculator Updates!

After much testing and trying, Nav has finally come up with some great updates for the LOTRO Crafting Calculator!

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Cithryth’s Tips for a Good Outfit

Amongst my group of LOTRO friends, I am the go-to person for advice on outfits. I love making cool outfits for my characters and helping others with their outfits. I’ve never really been a girly-girl, but boy do I love playing dress up with my characters!

So I have decided to put my ‘skills’ to use and write up some tips and guidelines I use when putting together outfits.

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Security Advice for LORTO Users

Lately the forums  have been rampant with threads regarding getting hacked. Whether it’s people who have been hacked or people seeking advice on how not to get hacked, everyone is worried it seems. And of course, why shouldn’t we be? No one wants to loose everything they’ve been working on in-game. Here, I’ll be laying out some advice on keeping your LOTRO account secure.

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;target Alias Guide

I always find myself trying to find this guide and needing to reference it. I didn’t even know about it for the longest time. Thought I’d post it here for those who have not yet discovered it.

The ;target alias and you!

It’s incredibly helpful for role-playing (When you have a set story you want to tell but don’t want to type the whole thing out live, have certain emotes you use all the time, etc), Lore-masters, and Festivals (I usually use the ;target alias for the dance steps!).

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Monster and Quest Name Indicator Colors

I’ve seen many posts in the new players forums asking what the colors mean in terms of the mob name colors and quest name colors. I figured it’s about time I make a post about this.

Grey 10+ levels below you
Green 6+ levels below you
Light Blue 4+ levels below you
Blue a few levels below you
White On your level, or give or take a level
Yellow a few levels above you
Orange 4+ levels above you
Red 6+ levels above you
Purple 10+ levels above your

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