LOTRO Introduces the Free People’s Press

Today, Turbine introduced a new Lorebook feature: the Free People’s Press – “Your weekly community roundup!”. This is a lovely idea and helps show the community what’s going on. It also gives a chance for everyone to get involved.

You can see the inaugural edition here.

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Cremello/PAX East Steed

Logged in after the patch and got my Cremello Horse. Here’s a video of it!

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Flag Fluttering and Hat Waving in Update 2

Okay, bit of a misleading title, but it sounds cool, eh? On the most recent build in Bullroarer, the flags of the special reputation horses now flutter in the breeze! Here I have a video showing that feature off. I also have screenshots of two new cosmetic hats available in the LOTRO Store.

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Miscellanious Panel Changes in Update 2

There have been a lot of other UI changes with Update 2 so far, mostly stemming from the Character Panel change and the LI revamp that is in the works. Here are some screenshots of the changes I’ve noticed so far.

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New Horses for Update 2

Two new horses have appeared in the store on Bullroarer. One is a new Lossoth Steed and the other is the Warden’s Steed. No word as of yet if they will be store exclusives or will be available for reputation.

Thanks to Griffy for being my model and getting the horses so I could photograph them!

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