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New Armour Set Looks for Update 2

I thought I’d post pictures of how the sets look cosmetically. Some people in the Bullroarer GLFF think they are ugly. Me? I think they make me want to have a lvl 65 of each character!

Update 2 *New* Store Cosmetics from Bullroarer

They have added a large number of Ceremonial versions of armours found in game such as Wig-Feld and Robe of Viisaus. Here are pictures, though, of brand new cosmetics in the store!

New Character Panel Pics from Bullroarer

Here are my pictures of the new character panel on Bullroarer!

Weekly Outfit #9

This week’s Weekly Outfit is courtesy of Ranna Dylin with Alduine of Nimrodel!

The outfit is comprized of:

  • Elven Cloth Jacket
  • Elven Leather Boots
  • Sand-Lurker Stalker

Berephon’s Tolkien Background

While reading the forums, I came across a thread asking how many of the original developers for LOTRO are still around. Berephon promptly answered that very few have left and that most are still with the game. The thread kind of got off topic, asking Berephon various other questions. One question really stuck out though: how long had Berephon been a LOTR nut?