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Cleanlinez LOTRO UI

today I decided to try out a new custom UI for my RK, Sriracha. I looked in the Beta UI section of LOTRO Interface and found Cleanlinez Version 0.5

Screenshot of the creator’s UI setup and examples of the various windows.

So far, I’m liking this UI very much for my RK. It provides ample space to lump all the RK skills together and yet keeps them small and out of the way so that I don’t really have to take up a whole lot of screen space. I’ll post a picture of how I have it set up soon because it varies quite greatly from the screenshot above.

Perhaps sometime soon I’ll post screenshots of how all of my toons’ UIs are set up…

List of Names in Middle-Earth

I StumbledUpon this handy list of names for people in Middle-Earth of all genders, races and locations.

Although I usually use The Languages of Tolkien’s Middle Earth for all my character naming purposes, this is also a good list to give you some ideas when naming characters.

Marchwarden Tanking Guide

As seen here at the LOTRO Lorebook site.

This guide has been immensly useful. When I got to level 60 on my warden, I realized I would immediately be require to group, however due tot he nature of the warden class, I had solo’d my entire way to 60 for the most part. I needed to learn how to tank and fast and this guide certainly did the trick. Its especially helpful because of the backwards way our traits work: One would think traiting the Fist line would improve your tanking abilities, however it doesn’t.