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Spring Festival Wrap-Up

Note: No, the festival isn’t over yet.

Just posting this as a way to put all the Spring Fest stuff in one post for easy findings.

Cosmetic Outfit Items

Housing Items

Festival Horse Pictures (Note: Ignore the text on this regarding not being able to get the horses, see the next link on how to get the horses)

Notes on How/When You Will Be Able to Get the Horses

Interactive Middle-earth Calendar

This Middle-earth Calendar allows you to enter any date in any of the various Middle-earth time-reckoning calendars and find out what happened, if anything on that specific date!

For lore junkies, this is pretty cool and an interesting find. Thanks LOTRO Twitter feed for pointing it out!

Cooking Calculators, Price Guides, and More

As my kin’s official chef, I am always stocking our kin chest with foods of various levels and farming ingredients. As any cook will tell you, this is expensive work! So to make sure I have the funds for any amount of food I want to make I utilize a variety of sources. So here is a set of very useful cooking guides:

Cookbook and Price Guide


  • Color coordinated by tier
  • Shows the stats given by each food
  • Shows how much silver you will need to make each for a stack or individually


  • Personally, I’m not a fan of having to look through a spread sheet everytime I want to make something and I just am not a fan of the way it is laid out, however this is just me personally, I know other people love this guide
  • Doesn’t include Rep food

Cooking 101


  • Completely up to date
  • Gives the time that each stat lasts


  • Again, I really just don’t like spreadsheets or the way this is laid out. It is confusing to me, but I think maybe spreadsheets just aren’t my thing…

And my favorite:

Crafting Calculator (This actually works for all crafting professions, not just cooking)


  • A layout I actually really really like!
  • You can tell it how much of anything you want to make in a crafting session and it will tell you how much of each ingredient you need, whether you farm it or buy it and how much each will cost you
  • Give you a list you can print off with check boxes you can mark off as you go along


  • Prices are not always accurate
  • Not up to date
  • Creator has given up on this project and unfortunately will not be updating it any further, which is a shame

Cithryth’s Captain Guide

This is my captain guide that I wrote and published on the forums a while ago. In a separate guide I’m going to be sorting through all of the feedback I got on this guide as an “Alternatives” guide. That guide will probably have more of a raiding focus as my build/style I don’t think is very raid intensive.

Disclaimer: This guide showcases my opinions and what has worked for me, results may vary.

I do not claim to be the best captain or anything. I feel I do a well enough job in groups and decided to write an overview of the things I do to accomplish the captain’s role.

My Characters’ Outfits

Today I thought I would showcase some of my characters’ outfits because many people on the forums ask about good outfits and such. I spend a lot of time in-game working out my outfits and take a lot of pride in them. So here they are…