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Weekly News: This Week in LOTRO

Welcome to Weekly News! My new every-Saturday post that acts as a round-up of LOTRO news from other blogs, the forums, anywhere!

Horse Buyer’s Guide (Updated for F2P)

Buying your first horse can be complicated. When can I get horse? Where do I get a horse? How much is it?

Are We There Yet?: What We Know For Sure

Lately there have been countless threads popping up on the official forums essentially asking, “Are We There Yet?” in regards to a new official announcement about content updates. To quiet everyone down, some forum-goers put together a list of what we do know.

A Visual Guide to Syncing .ABC Files

Tired of serenading alone? Want to try out a cool multi-part song? Here’s how you do it!

I Am Lore-Master

From the people who brought you I Am Warden, now introducing I Am Lore-Master.

The Lord of the Rings – Online “Loremaster Trailer” from EveNArtworkS on Vimeo.