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My Thoughts on F2P

When I first read the announcement, I was upset. I was very upset.

But the more I read from what the developers and community managers have to say, the more I calm down and think it’s not going to be too bad. As a lifetime member, I do not loose any of my current benefits. I can keep playing in full and get 500 TP a month at no cost.

Everytime Turbine makes a big announcement, doom-and-gloom and hysterics occur. I am choosing to stay as far away from that as possible, so I am probably not going to be spending a whole lot of time in the forums.

I have also realized that I’ve been spending more time writing and reading about LOTRO than actually playing it, so I am going to be playing a lot more now. I apologize, as this means a decrease in articles, but I really miss just playing and not analyzing everything. I will post articles a few times a week, but not as much as I do now.

Have fun adventuring,


Important Tid-Bits from the Announcement

I will be updating this post with links to resources and definitive, Turbine answers. Not speculation.

Lorebook Gathering

Hello everyone!
I assume you know what the Lorebook is and you probably think it’s not what one would expect from an official wiki. And you are probably not using it that often.

It can get better though, a wiki is a powerful thing, there can be quest walkthroughs, outfit galleries and all the fancy stuff you can imagine, but – a big but – we need people.

Memorial Day Photoshoot

Well, it’s Memorial Day here in the States so I thought I would take the day to make a photoshoot with Sriracha. Enjoy the pics!

Powered by Our Fans

Really interesting post by Sapience today on the forums regarding what the developers have added/changed in the game based on community feed back. Take a look at this super long list!

Mounts 2.0 – Really the whole revamp was based on player feedback but to name just a few of the player requested changes made to the system.:

  • Interacting with with NPCs while mounting
  • Entering a zone without needing to dismount first
  • Mounts as a skill instead of inventory item
  • Emotes while mounted
  • Ability to have crafting tracking skills active while mounted
  • Adding the Bree Horse for level 20 players to purchase at a discount and not requiring the level 35 riding skill. (and also dropping the Founder’s horse to level 15 to ensure they still had a benefit from the mount).

Shared Storage.



User defined chat channels.

Swirft travel boats in Evendim.

Travel routes in the Misty Mountains.

A slew of crafting changes (including the ‘make all’ button).

The ability to skip the tutorial and new player areas for races you’ve already leveled out of those areas when making new characters.

A number of raid and instance changes.

Adjustments to the skirmish marks earned as well as increasing coin drops in skirmishes to adjust the cost of repairs.

Most items required for collection quests removed from inventory and placed into other storage.

The quest tracker tool.

Lorebook (and now the forums and as well) available in game.

Guardian’s repair npc summoning ability.

Burglar’s Vendor summoning ability.

UI customization
Saving UI customizations and storing UI profies.

Lowering the level required to equip cosmetic items.

Disabling Desperate Flight in the Ettenmoors.
The entire concept of diminishing returns in the Ettenmoors.

The Rift Skirmish added (from a Community Team Thread)

Unpopular legacies removed from the LI system (Community Team thread)

Legacy Pools (based on players response to most useful and least useful

2nd and 1st age LI’s are not BoA (they were bound during testing On Bullroarer at one point – there’s actually a patch note about it somewhere if you research it)

Maxed out Level 60 First and Second ages have a chance to return IXP to be used on Level 61-65 LIS (player suggetion in beta)

Identifying all possible legacies on an LI within the first 30 levels instead of having to wait until the very last reforge at Max level to determine if the LI was ‘good’ or not.

Changing the levleing XP required to smooth out the leveling curve at various levels.

Scroll of Empowerment.

Scroll of Renewal.

Placing Class quest items on Skirmish vendors.

Autocomplete when sending in game mail.

User notes for friend and ignore lists.

Male Hobbit run animation (because the last one wasn’t very popular, this is upcoming)

Several mounts (in fact two were designed by players)

Repeatable crafting instances.

Lowering monster difficulty in some regions.

Lowering induction times on my quest items and crafting nodes. In many cases by 50% or more.

Monster Player emotes.

White Dye.

The dressing room.

Increased stack size on many things (anyone remember crafting mats stacking to 20 instead of 100? Or pots stacking to 10 and not 50?)

Changing the ‘welcome back’ effect from +25% XP on mob kills to +5% on mob kills and free stable travel.

Adding a buff icon to indicate the ‘welcome back’ bonuses were in effect.

He also adds the following about his personal play time, as it has come into question many times:

Someone asked if I play. Yes I do (and have for a long time, even before I started working for Turbine). My entire family does. Between us we have almost every class to 65. I have 2 level 65s (LM and Hunter) and a third (Guardian) I am taking to 65. I actually have every class to at least 20 and several past 30.. I also have 3 creeps (Warg, Black Arrow, Warleader).

The entire thread from the beginning is here, although be warned because much of it is negative and some of the posters are on my ignore list :P