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Tips for Hosting In-Game Events (Part 2): An Interview with Fionnuala

Fionnuala is another wonderful community member who leads and is active in player-run events. She has hosted such events as the Hearts and Tarts Night of Romance, the Birth of Flowers, and on the 20th of June she will be hosting the Gates of Summer. She also writes the blog, Minstrel in the Gallery.

Tips for Hosting In-Game Events (Part 1): An Interview with Harperelle

Harperelle is a very active and widely known player on the Landroval server. She is part of the Lonely Mountain Band kinship and participates and hosts many events, some of them are special events while others are recurring.

Ghostbusters of Middle-Earth

May be old news, but on one of the French servers, this video was made a while ago.

How Many Points Will I Recieve at F2P Launch: Calculator

All current subscribers get a certain amount of Turbine Points for different qualifications they meet. Want to know how many points you’ll have at launch?

Community Reactions Summation

Obviously in the past 24+ hours, the LOTRO community has exploded into a frenzy. Here, I’m going to summarize the ideas and reactions that the community has been experiencing the last 24 hours or so.