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Store-purchasable Cosmetics

Here are some pictures of many of the brand-new cosmetics available only in the LOTRO Store in Beta. Most of these (if not all) were 195 Turbine Points.

The New Mounts

Sable Harvestmath Steed:

Info on the Wardrobe

You can put any cosmetic item OR armour piece into the wardrobe.

It is accessible via the Vault NPCs, just like the vault and shared storage.

The wardrobe makes a copy of the item and stores it there, however you still keep the original as well.

Why is it good then?

How To Get Summerfest Tokens Quickly

I know the point of the festivals is a nice, relaxing break from defending Middle-earth, however some people (myself included) really just want to get the cool stuff as quickly as they can! With the Spring Festival it was easy to do Shrew Stomp to get lots of tokens quickly but the Summer Festival is different.

With the Summer Festival starting next week, I figured I’d get everyone ready!

LOTRO E3 Round-Up

With E3 having come to a close this year, I’ll re-cap some of the exciting news and sneak-peeks that LOTRO showed the press these past few days. Maps, store views and more!